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Sharise Evans Purist

Location: Florida, USA

Travel Radius: International

Rates Start at($): N/A

Sharise is a dynamic and hard-working entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Orlando Bellydance Conventions & Bellywood Studios. After travelling the world and experiencing many cultures, she has developed an exceptional appreciation for the Arts. She is also a talented and passionate Bellydancer who is strongly committed to inspire people to find and nurture their passion, learn about Arts and grow healthier. With many years of experience in the professional world of flight attending, her travels to the Middle East have greatly influenced her love for Belly Dance. Sharise has performed in many restaurants and special events throughout Orlando and the rest of the United States. Similarly, she had the honor to be part of special engagements such as world famous Sadie Marquardt’s Bellydance Retreat in Colorado, USA, where she received a certificate in the “Raq’s Flow Bellydance Certification November 5-9, 2014”. She continues to study with her mentor and inspiration, Sadie.

Expertise: Teacher, Performer

Special Skills: N/A

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Oriental

Instruction Type: N/A



No Performance Credit.

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Representation: manager

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