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Rhonda Straub Purist

Location: Florida, USA

Travel Radius: N/A

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This dancer/costume designer has a passion for the art of Belly Dance that goes beyond the dance itself. Because of Rhonda's own experiences as a dancer, she has a clear understanding of both Tribal and Oriental styles, giving her the insight to design costumes that serve the needs of her fellow Belly Dance artists.

Expertise: Performer

Special Skills: Other

Other Skills: Costume designer: Avant garde bellydance costume creations. Designs range from our own creations to collaborations with the dancer. Looking for something personal or truly unique? Work with us to bring your concept to life. Made in the USA to your specifications, no challenge too great or too small. Our attention to detail combined with our first-hand knowledge of what makes a costume beautiful, strong and durable combine to meet all the requirements of a high quality purchase. Let's make something spectacular for you!

Styles: Oriental, Tribal

Instruction Type: N/A



No Performance Credit.

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No Choreography Credits

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No Teaching Credits!

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Representation: manager

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