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Bella Jovan Dancer

Location: Washington State, USA

Travel Radius: International

Rates Start at($): N/A

Bella Jovan is a professional international award winning dance artist and choreographer renowned for her energetic, enticing, and vibrant style. In addition to belly dance, Bella studies and performs other world dances such as Brazilian Samba, and Hawaiian and Tahitian Hula. Her passion and exuberance for dance creates a fun and exciting addition to any event. Bella Jovan continues to belly dance professionally for corporate events, private parties, night clubs, and restaurants throughout Washington. She specializes in modern Egyptian and American style belly dance, finger cymbals, veil, fans, sword, and cane. Bella frequently performs with live musicians and bands in Seattle's restaurants and stage productions. Bella is known for her dynamic style of belly dance which has mesmerized audiences all over the world, such as Egypt, China, Turkey, India, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Arizona! Bella's unique styling and belly dance techniques has allowed her instructional classes in Seattle to be very popular and in high demand. Bella is an innovative and knowledgeable instructor that also teaches private classes. Bella was a member of the Fleurs d'Eypte, an International Dance Company that showcases Egyptian Belly dance, Brazilian Samba, Hawaiian and Tahitian Hula, and French Can Can Cabaret from June 2009-March 2012. Bella joined the Vamola Samba troupe January 2011 -January 2012 and had performed at several festivals, Ethnic Fest and Brasilfest to name a few. Bella Jovan is known for her endless energy and charismatic smile.

Expertise: Performer, Choreographer, Teacher

Special Skills: Sword, Cane, Veil, Zills, Other

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Oriental

Instruction Type: Choreography, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



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  • Bella Jovan at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, Egypt 2014

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