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Location: Florida, USA

Travel Radius: International

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Tabitha is an energetic, passion-driven dancer, specializing in classical Egyptian, Middle Eastern Folklore, and oriental interpretation. She holds a Bachelors in Clinical Health-Science with a minor in Psychology, and has recently had a manuscript approved for publication regarding the benefits of Bellydance. With over 12 years of training in bellydance, her musicality and ability to translate the music is astonishing. Rooted in improvisational dance as child, her drive during each and every performance is to share her passion, heart, liveliness, and joy with the audience. As a professional dancer, she has been featured on televised broadcasts, performed for cultural festivals, been apart of video productions, is a contracted belly dancer for Epcot Centers Moroccan Pavilion, and is an acclaimed performer in the Central Florida area. As a student her first inspiration in bellydance was Ilham, a native from Morocco, and one of Disney's original bellydancers. She additionally has studied with multiple Middle Eastern musicians, dancers, and international artists. Inspired by the personalized training she received from a young age that cultivated her love for the dance, Tabitha goals as a teacher are to empower her students, be the driving force behind personal growth, to promote a healthy lifestyle and a strong foundation of technique for anyone interested in this ancient form of dance.

Expertise: Teacher, Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: Cane, Veil, Double Veil, Zills, Other

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Folk, Oriental

Instruction Type: Fitness, Choreography, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



Performance Venues Employer/Production Location Style
Theme Parks Disney Orlando, FL Oriental
Restaurants Cedars Restaurant Orlando, FL Oriental
Restaurants Cairo Restaurant Orlando, FL Oriental
Restaurants Ali Baba Longwood, FL Oriental, folklore
Private Events Orlando, FL Oriental, folklore
Festivals Moroccan Festival Orlando, FL Oriental, folklore
Conventions Miami Bellydance Convention Miami, FL
Conventions Rakstar Miami Beach, FL


Performance Venues Employer/Production Location Style
Performance DVD/videos Bellywood Studios Orlando, FL


Dance Instruction Employer/Site Location Style
Dance Studios Bellywood Studios Orlando, FL Oriental


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  • 091609085436-D27