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Rosa Vasquez Dancer

Location: Florida, USA

Travel Radius: International

Rates Start at($): N/A

A multiple award-winning performer and instructor in over 7 countries and countless cities, Rosa is captivating audiences from all over the world with her signature "Latin Spice" style. She holds a double degree with honors in sciences and will soon start her PhD. Rosa is also the Co-Founder and Dance and Health Director of Bellywood Studios, a dance and wellness center in Orlando, FL. Due to the high demand of her classes, Rosa now offers weekly online Belly Dance classes. Originally from Peru, Rosa is internationally claimed by her creative fusions, improvisational skills, emotional expression and elegant and passionate performances. She is known for her wellness approach to dancing and her high quality and comprehensive teaching technique. Her extensive dance training in classic and Latin dance, and unique background in Nutrition, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology fuse exceptionally well with her passion for performing, choreographing and teaching, fascinating her fans everywhere she goes._____ Titles: Champion Ultimate Bellydancer, 2012 / Awarded by Hollywood Music Center, the leading company in Middle Eastern and Bellydance music videos and DVDs / 1st Runner Up Rising Star Miami Bellydance Convention, 2013 / 2nd Runner Up Oriental World Bellydance Festival Singapore, 2014 / 2nd Runner Up Fusion World Bellydance Festival Singapore, 2014

Expertise: Performer, Choreographer, Teacher

Special Skills: Sword, Veil, Other

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Oriental, Fusion

Instruction Type: Fitness, Choreography, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced



Performance Venues Employer/Production Location Style
Dance Companies New York Summer Showcase Organized by Broadway Dance Center New York, NY USA Oriental
Festivals Windows of the World Festival Organized by TTU USA Fusion


Performance Venues Employer/Production Location Style
Production Companies Music Video Shooting in L.A. Private Organization Los Angeles, CA USA Latin


Dance Instruction Employer/Site Location Style
Fitness Clubs Thanks Giving Fit Marathon Nov 24 Organized by Crazy Beautiful Inc USA Belly Dance Fitness
Workshops "Origenes" International Workshops & Shows Organized by Amar Holistic Center Peru Oriental
Workshops Miami Bellydance Convention Organized by Nathalie Hatab Miami, FL USA Fusion
Fitness Clubs Belly Dance Master Class Organized by Connect Fitness Studio USA Oriental
Workshops Guest Artist Master Class Organized by Amar Holistic Center Peru Oriental
Dance Studios co-founder/ Dance & Health Director of Bellywood Studios Orlando, FL. USA Oriental & Fusion


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  • 061601064226-D23

  • 061601064226-D23

  • 061601064226-D23