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Bhrigha Gypsikelt Dancer/Musician

Location: Oregon, USA

Travel Radius: National

Rates Start at($): 200.00 - 2000.00 per event

A life-long dancer & musician, Bhrigha (pronounced “Bree-uh” please, the “g” is silent) is a professional performer & continual student of world music and dance, while pursuing her own signature performance styles. Known for her GypsiKelt fusion, she blends & breaks the rules of Tribal & Classical Belly Dance with a Celtic Gypsy spirit, fusing elements of Romani, Irish, Flamenco, Samba & Middle Eastern styles. Her newest fusion, Tribical, explores the darker side of modern Belly Dance, with a sultry subculture, Gothic Goddess, urban-shamanistic twist, both as a soloist and with her new troupe Immortalia. A lively & engaging performer, Bhrigha is an audience favorite. A theatre background infuses Bhrigha with a dramatic stage presence. She is known for her chameleon-like ability to create complete characters within the dance, including Dracula’s Daughter, Marilyn Monroe as a Belly Dancer & Biker Belly Dance. As a bodyworker, music and rhythm are an integral part of Bhrigha’s approach to holistic health. Bhrigha discovered the healing power of Classical Pilates to recover from a bad car accident and quickly became a devotee of this core conditioning system. The healing benefits of Pilates led her to develop & trademarked Bellates® (Pilates for Belly Dancers) as a way for students to improve their posture with this unique cross-training class & forthcoming online class series. In Orlando, FL, Bhrigha began performing Classical Oriental Belly Dance professionally in 2000 & soon added ATS, Tribal Style & World Fusion. Since 1995, she has studied extensively and performed coast to coast. A background in ballet, tap, jazz, modern & improvisational styles helped shape a natural ability for Egyptian/Lebanese, Folkloric, Irish, Flamenco & Romani Gypsy too. Her first Belly Dance teachers were former Ibrahim Farrah dancers in NYC, so Bhrigha’s style also has an exciting East Coast flair. In her free time, she volunteers at Wolf Haven International in Tenino, WA and is an avid wolf advocate, working to save wild wolves, improve the lives of captive wolves & provide educational outreach to dispel the “big bad wolf” stereotype, because even wolves need love!

Expertise: Teacher, Musician, Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: Sword, Cane, Veil, Double Veil, Zills, Candelabra, Keyboard, Percussion

Other Skills: A dual graduate of Central Florida’s renowned Lisa Maile Image & Modeling School, Bhrigha has been modeling throughout the years in print & on the runway since her teens. She started in commercial modeling & acting in the theme park atmosphere of Mickey Mouse Land - Orlando, FL. Her parents say she’s a "ham," photographers she works with say she’s a natural. She firmly believes that "all the world's a stage!" and loves to bring a sense of drama & theatricality to any shoot she does; always the professional, never a diva, unless she’s pretending to be one for a shoot!!

Styles: Oriental, Contemporary, Tribal, Fusion, Theatrical

Instruction Type: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Fitness, Choreography



Performance Venues Employer/Production Location Style
Private Events Vespertine Ball NYE Portland, OR Oriental
Festivals Wicked Tinkers/Kelso Highland Games WA Fusion
Supper Clubs/Night Clubs Moulin Rouge at the Fez Portland, OR Fusion
Theatre Shredd Theatre Troupe Orlando Fringe Festival, FL Theatrical
Concerts Gypsy Caravan Band Portland, OR Fusion
Festivals Bike Week Daytona Beach, FL Fusion
Theme Parks Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Orlando, FL Oriental
Theatre Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre Orlando, FL Oriental
Restaurants Ali Baba's Orlando, FL Oriental/Fusion
Restaurants Olympia Orlando, FL Oriental
Restaurants Greek Flame Orlando, FL Oriental
Theatre Dead Men Tell No Tales Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR Theatrical


Performance Venues Employer/Production Location Style
Production Companies GypsiKelts/Maja's Spirit of the Tribes Ft. Lauderdale, FL Fusion
Dance Companies Dance Devas/Student Troupe
Festivals Vampire's Masquerade Ball Fusion


Dance Instruction Employer/Site Location Style
Workshops GO Pure & Third Wheel Productions Orlando, FL Tribal
Workshops Tribal Quest North West 7 Portland, OR Tribal


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Contact number: 407-341-0817

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