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Carrara Nour Dancer

Location: Orlando, FL

Travel Radius: Nationwide

Rates Start at($): 200 - 1,000 per event

Carrara Nour is a professional belly dancer offering creative customized entertainment for weddings and elegant events. She is known throughout Central Florida for her refreshing blend of substance and style, her genuine joie de vivre both onstage and off, and her ability to engage a crowd while treating each client’s special occasion with dignity and respect. But what makes Carrara truly a star in the Orlando wedding industry is her one specialty: performing at weddings, and making wedding dreams come true for each couple she works with. Belly Dancer in Orlando Born on New Year’s Eve, Carrara naturally believes that life is a party! She brings this joyful spirit to each of her performances. From her fun-loving improvisational style to her knack for getting even the shiest audience members up to dance, Carrara embodies the real essence of belly dance as an exuberant dance of the people and a celebration of life. Onstage, Carrara exudes grace, femininity and a charming sense of humor as she effortlessly connects with her music and the crowd. Both approachable and glamorous, Carrara is a quintessential crowd pleaser you can trust to bring out the best in every occasion and enliven every crowd. Before Carrara moved to Florida in 2011, she began her performing career in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where she discovered her natural gift for bringing people together through Middle Eastern music and dance. Like many Northeast belly dancers, including her earliest mentors Adina (CT) and Careesah (CT), Carrara has a well-rounded Pan-Arabic repertoire, and a deep appreciation for the classics. Her background includes Lebanese, Turkish, Golden Age Egyptian, Greek and American Vintage styles of belly dance, along with regional folk dances from the Middle East. Dancing since 2003, Carrara continues her education in Orlando and beyond through workshops, seminars and intensives with many of the top names in her field, as well as careful observation of her Arab friends dancing in casual situations. Carrara’s heartfelt love of Middle Eastern music and culture make her not just another Orlando belly dancer, but a positive ambassador for a beloved cultural art form.

Expertise: Performer

Special Skills: Sword, Cane, Veil, Double Veil, Zills, Candelabra, Other

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Oriental, Fusion

Instruction Type: N/A



No Performance Credit.

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No Choreography Credits

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