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Sevdha Devi Dancer/Musician

Location: California, USA

Travel Radius: Internatonal

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Sevdha Devi, or simply Sevdha, or Sevy Devi, is a young and highly energetic, expressive and innovative entertainer and personality with home bases in Orlando, Tokyo, Jamaica, and Atlanta, GA. Often described as, 'a firecracker,' she has been professionally performing, directing Bollywood and Belly Dancing and teaching dance since 17 years of age, has performed all over the nation and internationally, has appeared in various publications and music videos, has been a guest of honour or guest artist at many conventions and shows, and was titled Miss Jamaica IC 2012**. She is known for her "Night & Day" persona, uniquely incorporating comedic elements into her performances, mixing pop n' lock, Jazz, Indian, Chutney, Japanese, sword balancing, fire, and other influences into her dance, and for having lead and directed the Raqs Attaq! Belly Dance Co., a touring fusion belly dancing and variety group that is popularly known as, 'The Geek Belly Dancers'. ? As a musician, Sevdha is a multilingual singer, beat producer and instrumentalist. Her musical styles are diverse, and ranges from reggae-soca to techno. Her song, 'West Indian for Life,' was selected as the song of Caribbean Heritage Month 2011. As a producer, she oftentimes incorporates Indian and Middle Eastern influences into her 'riddims' to create styles befitting her heritage.

Expertise: Musician, Composer, Improvisation, Performer

Special Skills: Sword, Other

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Contemporary, Tribal, Fusion, Theatrical, Other

Instruction Type: N/A



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