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Vanja Grbic Dancer

Location: Florida, USA

Travel Radius: International

Rates Start at($): N/A

Vanja came to Florida with her family from former Yugoslavia where she spent her childhood living through a civil war that brought her family much grief and hardship. She went through numerous near-death experiences that have altered her perception of life forever. These incidences have helped her become the person she is today – full of energy and life… appreciative of every opportunity that comes her way. While pursuing her academic endeavors at the University of Central Florida, Vanja stumbled upon something that completely changed her life. While visiting a local restaurant she witnessed a Belly dancing performance and she immediately fell in love with this exotic dance from. Vanja took a Belly Dancing course at the Seminole Community College after which she joined the Shimmy Knights, a UCF student organization dedicated to preserving and practicing the art of Belly Dance. Ever since then she has been devotedly working on perfecting her craft. She has extensive training in traditional belly dance, cabaret belly dance, and bollywood. Captivated by these amazing dance forms, Vanja finds nothing more rewarding than performing for live audiences.

Expertise: Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: Sword, Cane, Veil, Zills, Candelabra, Other

Other Skills: Bollywood, Fire, Stilt Walking & Modeling.

Styles: Oriental, Fusion, Other

Instruction Type: N/A



No Performance Credit.

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