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Aubre Hill Master Dancer

Location: California, USA

Travel Radius: International

Rates Start at($): N/A

Aubre Hill is an international dance artist, choreographer, educator, and event producer. Aubre has been a professional dance artist for over twenty years including touring and assistant directing large ensembles across the United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, and Japan. She has directed numerous dance companies in full theatre productions as well as nightclub, weddings, and cultural context environments, and has trained and taught a generation of dancers some of whom have moved into full professional careers within dance. She has been on faculty at California State University, Los Angeles teaching acredited courses in pilates, fitness, and dance for over 10 years. She owned and directed Movement Art Space, a dance and fitness studio in Los Angeles offering education for all ages and levels for three successful years. She can be seen as a featured artist in numerous films and videos as well as was the bellydance hit sensation of FitTV with her “All Stars Workouts”. Aubre has choreographed full dance theatrical productions including “The Nutcracker~ a bellydance tale,” “Sketches of Arabia,” “Nights of Arabe,” and more as well as is the artistic director and choreographer for the Lumina Dance Company (now in it’s 13th year), the Qabila Folkdance Company (a company focused solely on Arabic folk dance and celebrating it’s seventh year), and the Beyajja Dance Theatre (a Raqs Sharqi dance company with a focus on developing individual artistic expression). Over her career Aubre have been apart of various collaboratives to bring creativity, culture, and community together in new ways. This included Belly Fusion Los Angeles (a collective focusing on the experimental side of bellydance fusion), LA Raqs (an online service offering calendars and listings connecting the greatly Los Angeles and Southern California community), and Creative Underground Los Angeles (a multi-genre art collective blurring the lines of inspiration and expectation across music, dance, film, writing, and more~ Idiosyncratic Expression from the Artistic Fringe of the City of Angels). Additionally she has produced a wide range of events and performances bringing the community together in celebration of Middle Eastern Dance including monthly haflas, dance festivals, long running showcases, workshops, intensives, lectures, and more. When not traveling, she can be found enjoying time with her husband, playing with her cats, sipping coffee, exploring photography, and creating new dance work in her home of Los Angeles.

Expertise: Teacher, Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: Sword, Cane, Veil, Double Veil, Candelabra

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Folk, Oriental, Theatrical

Instruction Type: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Fitness, Choreography, Improvisation



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Representation: manager

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