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Ryan Yanguochao Master Dancer

Location: Beijing, China

Travel Radius: International

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Ryan Guochao Vice president of China Belly Dance Association (CBDA), and president of CBDA Beijing Branch First Chinese male dancer coaching in Egypt Participating 2015 Ahlan WA Sahlan Belly Dance Festival as one of Egyptian coaching team and Performing both in opening and closing gala show. First Chinese special guest dancer performing in ISTANBUL CLOSING GALA SHOW, teaching and being Member of the judge First Chinese mentor having workshops in four cities of Argentina?Having interview in Argentina television station, and receiving a citation from the Salta city government The first Chinese oriental dancer invited to teach in Russia. Member of the jury, 2011 “Seoul Cup” KOREAN BELLY ASSO Coach and member of the jury, 2014 Singapore International Belly Dance Festival Honorary Chairmen of the jury, the World Open Oriental Dance “Golden Bauhinia Flower” (Hong Kong) Member of the jury, 2011 Gold Crown international Belly Dance Competition (Macao) First local Sufi Dancer in China

Expertise: Teacher, Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: N/A

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Oriental, Contemporary, Theatrical

Instruction Type: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Choreography



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