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Deb Rubin Master Dancer

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Travel Radius: International

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Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally-acclaimed dancer and performer, Yoga teacher, somatic educator and holistic health coach. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Pre-Med from Princeton University and an M.A. in Holistic Health Education from JFK University, with an emphasis on Somatics and Somatic Psychology. She also holds Massage and Bodywork training certifications from San Francisco School of Massage and Sunshine Network in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and Yoga Teacher Training certificates from Integrative Yoga Therapy. Weaving together decades of additional Yoga study from Shiva Rea, Gary Kraftsow, Tias Little, Acro Yoga, Mark Whitwell, and others, 20+ years of professional hands-on client care in the fields of mind/body medicine, Yoga, and integrative bodywork, 20+ years of personal practice and somatic inquiry from many different movement and healing arts disciplines, and her training and experience as a professional dancer, Deb created Dance Therapeutics to offer you the most leading-edge approach for effective body unlocking and balancing, trauma unwinding, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and a deeper understanding and education of the moving body that you call HOME. Read more...

Expertise: Teacher, Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: N/A

Other Skills: Yoga

Styles: Tribal, Fusion, Theatrical, Other

Instruction Type: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Fitness, Choreography, Other



No Performance Credit.

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