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Nina Stepic Master Dancer

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Travel Radius: International

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Born April 5, 1983 in Karlovac. After graduating from high school, she moved to Zagreb where she completed the College of Business Economics and the International Graduate School of Business Management at IGBS. She is a Business Management Specialist (MBA) by profession. In childhood she is 5.g. danced modern ballet and jazz dance.   2004 she discovered the world of oriental dance and fell in love with it at first sight. To date, she has participated in many dance workshops and has had the opportunity to learn from many teachers / dancers such as: Rande Kamel (Egypt), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt), Kazafy (Egypt), Ahmed Fekry (Egypt), Zeina (Egypt), Sandra Danse (France), Chronis Taxidis (Greece), Wael Monsour (Egypt), Tito Seif (Egypt), Aida Bogomolova (Russia), Anna Borisova (Russia), Yana Thotskaya (Ukraine), Azad Kaan (Turkey), Mohamed Shahin ( Egypt), Camelia (Egypt), Virginia (USA), Guan (China), Valentina (Italy), Shereen (Czech Republic), Youshry Sharif (Egypt), Mercedes Nieto (Hungary), Lubna Emam (Egypt), Ousama Emam (Egypt) ), Helene Eriksen (Germany), Sonia (USA), Aziza (USA), Catalin Breban (Hungary), Paola Blanton (Brazil), Michelle Joyce (USA), Yasmina Ramzy (Canada), Hossam and Serena Ramzy (UK), Elizabeth Strong (USA), Valentina Lacmanovic (Netherlands), Ahmet Reefat (Egypt), Astryd Farah DeMichelle (Egypt), Kami Lidlle (USA), Petite Jamilla (USA), Bozenka (USA), Anasma (USA), Sadie (USA) ), Sharon Kihara (USA) Sara Vujinovic (Slovenia), Nika Mlakar (Slovenia), Yael Zarca (France), Leila (Serbia), Tamar Bar-Gil (Israel), Ozgen (Turkey), Serkan Tutar (Turkey), Raqia Hassan (Egypt), Nelly (Austria), Juheniya Logvina (Russia), Samara Hayat (Spain) and others. In 2016, she has a business partnership and performs in Vienna for the Egyptian Travel Agency together with Bondok, a dancer from Egypt. - spends a month and a half in Cairo - currently lives and works in Egypt (Cairo and Sharm El Shaikh) 2015 is full of performances and travel and collaboration for Nina, but most importantly, she mentions a trip to Japan where she was one of the teachers at an international festival, representing Croatia in Nagoya and Tokyo. She also had a unique opportunity for a dance duet with the renowned Order of the Troupe dancer; Mohammed Salah of Cairo. In 2014, she passed the Teacher Certification for teaching Sandra Danse Pels Technique, Level 1 and the Level 1 Certificate. In the same year; meets the famous Nile Group festival teacher, Ahmed Fekry, and they soon collaborate. Together they perform at several dance events in Germany and Croatia. In 2012, she completed her education and obtained a certificate for the Head of Dance Techniques at the National People's College Zagreb. That same year, she was invited to represent the Republic of Croatia at the Cairo By Night International Oriental Dance Festival in Greece. In 2011 he founded the MERAL dance group. In 2010 she also passed the Level 1 certificate from Suhaile Salimpour, which is why she spent 2 weeks of intensive training in Milan / Italy. In the same year she founded the Oriental Dance Association "RITAM DANCE", and in the past 6 years she has been conducting regular oriental dance courses in Zagreb. The school of the same name for oriental performances so far has attended by more than 100 students. Every year, she also organizes the school production Love2BellyDance. She is the main organizer, choreographer, costume designer and set designer. 2008-2009.g. for one year, she completed her dance education for an Oriental Dancer led by Vesna Jevšenak from Slovenia. The program was marked by a dance performance of "Nine Talisman". Nina also organizes guest appearances for foreign dancers / teachers. He is the organizer of the Oriental Fever Zagreb Festival, the largest festival dedicated to oriental dance and culture in Croatia.   It aims to constantly train in various dance styles, especially Oriental dance Egyptian style, to promote the culture of Oriental dances in Croatia and to encourage young girls to have a positive view of life through positive thinking, action and life. Hrvatski prijevod:

Expertise: Teacher, Performer, Choreographer

Special Skills: Veil, Other

Other Skills: N/A

Styles: Folk, Oriental

Instruction Type: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Choreography, Improvisation



No Performance Credit.

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Dance Studios Ritam Plesa Zagreb, Croatia Raqs Sharqi & egyptian Folklore

Representation: manager

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